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In the fall of 1981, a film crew descended on the small town of Hope, British Columbia for six weeks to film First Blood.

The crew constructed the Sheriff's Office on the lawn of Hope's District Hall. They also constructed the front of a service station at the Junction of Highway #1 and Old Hope-Princeton Way and built the gun shop on the street across from the District Hall on the corner of Third Avenue and Commission St.

The crew also put American mailboxes and newspaper dispensers on downtown streets, flew American flags from the flagpoles and erected a U.S. Army billboard downtown.

1. New location of the "Gateway to Holidayland" sign. See it. There is another one nearby that resembles the sign in the movie, that is now acting as a front yard decoration for a local esablishment.See it.

2. Location of the gas station which Rambo blew up as a diversion. The station was built specifically to be destroyed. See it.

3. Sheriff Teasle stops Rambo along Water Avenue, near Gardner Chev-Olds, to talk to him for the first time. In the film we see a Golf gas station where Chev-olds is now located. You can also see the Chevron gas station, Dairy queen, and revolving Shell station sign. A long lens would bave been used in the film. See it.

4. Here is where the Chevron gas station seen at the begining of the film is located. It is also the station that Rambo and Teasle drive through in the chase. Picture 1, Picture 2.

5. Looking North down Fraser St. you can see the street around which Teasle and Rambo drove in the chase. See it. If you turn and look South you will see the Hotel behind the Chevron Station whos parking lot Rambo drove through.See it.

6. This is where a Hotel seen in several different shots of the movie is located.

7. FIELDS store, seen in a shot where Rambo destroy a transformer is located here. See it.

8. Rambo rides his stolen motorcycle down the sidewalk in front of Cheyenne's Sports and the Alpenhaus Restaurant, on the north side of Wallace Street. See it.

9. On the corner of this strip mall, the store was temporarily renamed Mountain State Savings. Picture 1, Picture 2.

10. The drug store on the corner of Wallace and Third had a Coke billboard placed on the roof in order to provide a hiding place for the crew's cameras. See it.

11. The Sheriff's office was located in front of the District Hall, at the corner of Wallace St. and Third Avenue See it. It has since been moved (see 15). If you look West down Wallace street you can see the intersection Rambo first drives the stolen Bike through See it, and if you look East you can see the street on which Teasle forst drives with Rambo. See it. From this intersection if you look down Third street you can see where the gunshop is located. Picture 1, Picture 2.

12. The Outpost gunshop was built at the intersection of Commission Street and Third Avenue and destroyed during filming. See it.

13. Here is where Rambo, on a stolen motorcycle, flies over the train tracks at Third Avenue. Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4.

14. Rambo drives the dirt bike along Hudson Bay Street, passing Hope's H-tree at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Hudson Bay Street. See it.

15. Note, this location was not in the movie. This is where the Sheriff's office has been moved to, and it now serves as the Seniors Recreation Centre at 560 Douglas Street. It looks very different. See it.

16. Bridge "to Portland" where Sheriff Teasle drops off Rambo. Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3.

17. This road leads to the Othello tunnels, where the area known in the film as Chapman Gorge was shot. Here the police officer, Art Galt falls out of the helicopter and is killed. You can also see where Rambo clung for his life as he hung on the rock walls of the gorge, high above the waters of the Coquihalla River near tunnel #2. Col. Trautman, also located his base camp here. See the Cliff face. See the Coquihalla River.

Photos taken by Shawn and Jessica Buffington.